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Atlas AC Repair Is An AC & Heating Company In San Antonio & Austin Providing Air Conditioner Repairs & HVAC Replacements

Customers Rate Atlas AC Repair 4.9 Out Of 5 On Google For AC / Heating Repairs & Replacements

John Sanchez
AC Replacement
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After gathering several estimates for a new unit I decided to go with Atlas. They offered a very competitive price and the customer service and communication I received was well above average. They provided several equipment options and they were able to get me exactly what I wanted quickly. On install day Charles and Louis arrived on time. Thoroughly explained what the plan was and kept me informed during the process. I ask a lot of questions and Charles was quick and happy to answer and explain. Once the install was complete he showed me exactly what was done at my request and gave me a quick run down of the indoor and outdoor unit to include the safety switches and new air filter housing they installed. Atlas has earned a forever customer.
Greg Laprise
AC Repair
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My air conditioner stopped working on a Saturday evening. I called a few companies before I called Atlas but I didn't get a response from any of them. I called Atlas AC Repair late in the day and there was still someone to set an appointment, scheduled first thing Sunday morning. Taylor Dunn was my A/C technician, he found and fixed the issue quickly and professionally. Start to finish my A/C Service took less than an hour and the price was completely reasonable for a weekend, last minute service. Those other companies still haven't even returned my calls yet! Atlas A/C Repair will be my go-to AC Company for personal use from now on, and I will be quick to recommend them to friends and family!
AC Installation
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Had a great experience working with Atlas AC. They are extremely professional, very honest and provided quality work. All of my interactions leading up to the service appointment went through Tommy. He's very responsive and easy to work with. Charles and his crew came out to do the initial inspection for the estimate and then returned for the actual job. They very thorough (much more so than other companies that I had come out to give me estimates for the same job). The installation went very smoothly and in my opinion very quickly. They did a great job. I would highly recommend Atlas AC for HVAC work and I will be calling them again when I need to. Thank you, Atlas!

At Atlas AC Repair, it's our goal to help customers make the most informed decision possible for any AC repair or AC replacement.

Atlas AC Repair provides AC repairs and replacements for customers in San Antonio, Austin, and all the way into the Hill Country.

Atlas has all your AC and heating needs covered.

Serving San Antonio, Austin, and the Hill Country.  Schedule online or get a quote by text or email.

HVAC technician working on air conditioning unit on rooftop

AC Repair Austin

Our technicians are trained to service all air conditioning brands, makes, and models, ensuring that we can handle any AC repair necessary to keep your home comfortable with 5-rated service.
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Ice covered AC condenser

Furnace Repair Austin

You may not use your home heater often in south Texas, but it's always nice to have when you need it. If you're needing your home heater or furnace repair in Austin, give Atlas AC Repair a call!
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technician installing outdoor AC condenser

AC Installation Austin

When your air conditioner is past repair and needs to be upgraded, we're here to make the AC installation process easy starting with our FREE online quote.
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HVAC tech installing indoor furnace in residential closet

Furnace Replacement Austin

When your furnace is past repair and needs to be upgraded. Atlas AC Repair provides furnace installation and furnace replacement in Austin, get your FREE online quote today!
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HVAC tech loading company van

Commercial HVAC

Atlas AC Repair works with many commercial facility managers throughout Austin to repair and maintain their Commercial HVAC system.
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HVAC tech carrying ladder from AC company van

Heating & AC Service Austin

If you are looking for heating and AC service in Austin, you can always trust Atlas AC Repair. We deliver high-quality heating and AC service you can count on.
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Atlas AC Repair does AC Replacement to AC Repair and much more!

Looking for Fast AC repair in Austin? We can help.

Let’s face it, we live in Texas and it gets hot. The heat we experience in the summer puts a lot of demand on our air conditioners. This extra demand over time has a tendency to break parts and components on our home air conditioner. Of course, when this happens it’s during the most inconvenient time when 95 degrees outside. What you need is a fast and reliable AC repair company in Travis county that’s not going to charge you an arm and a leg for a simple repair. We are proud to serve the people of Austin by delivering fast AC and heating repairs. If you are having problems with your air conditioner or heater, you can always trust Atlas AC Repair.

Do you need a home AC repair in Austin or maybe a heater repair? Give Atlas AC Repair a call at (512) 265-1887

Do you need an AC replacement in Austin?

Our HVAC systems are one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment in our home. We use it to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As we all know our AC unit and furnace don’t last forever. It can be difficult to find a good AC replacement company in Travis county because there is so many variables a homeowner has to consider. Am I getting a good brand? Will they stand behind their work? Do I really need a salesperson in my home? Will they use in-house install technicians? Are they price gouging me? Atlas AC Repair believes in being completely transparent with all of our customers. We put all of our AC replacement prices online with 10-year parts and 1-year labor warranty. We use the best brands like Carrier and Goodman. If you are looking for an AC replacement in Austin, you can trust Atlas AC Repair to deliver 5-star service.

For any AC replacement, air conditioner installation, or furnace replacement in Austin, give Atlas AC Repair a call at (512) 265-1887 

Why Transparency matters!

One of the biggest problems many people have with the HVAC industry is “how do I know?” How do I know if I really need to replace my air conditioner? How do I know I’m not overpaying. How do I know if they really fixed the problem or am I going to have to call back in a month for the same thing? There are a lot of real concerns because you kind of have to take the AC technician at their word. We strive to remove any pressure out of the conversation and help you to make the most informed decision possible on getting your AC or heater back up and running. If there is a good, better, best solution to fix your air conditioner, we’re going to show you all the options along with the pros and cons. We even go as far as putting all of our pricing online to show that we don’t price gouge like other companies. We believe that being honest and transparent is the foundation to building a great business.

For any home air conditioner repair or AC replacement in Austin, give Atlas AC Repair a call at (512) 265-1887

The best air conditioning and heating team in Austin

Many experts will use a vehicle as a simple comparison to help explain an air conditioning and heating system. There are many different vehicle makes and models on the road and you need a technician who is top in their field if you want the repair done right. It’s the same for HVAC, we have to have a well-rounded HVAC team to be able to fix anything thrown our way. Atlas AC Repair believes in obtaining the best talent so we never use you as a guinea pig. Atlas AC Repair has one of the most respected teams in Travis county who can handle any AC repair or AC replacement you might have.

If you are looking for a 5-star rated Austin AC company, give Atlas AC Repair a call at (512) 265-1887 

Atlas AC Repair - AC Repair Austin TX

Texas Heat Breaks Stuff

The crazy summer heat we experience in Texas pushes our air conditioners to their limit. There are many parts that all have to work together for an air conditioner to work properly, and it only takes one of these components failing for your entire air conditioner to go down. This is a common occurrence in Texas, and Atlas AC Repair specializes in AC Repair Austin.

AC Repair Options

Most people aren’t aware that, in many cases, you actually have AC repair options for most air conditioner problems. There are short-term fixes that are inexpensive and will kick the ball down the road for another 6 months to a year. Other AC repairs can be more costly but could provide a long-term fix. Atlas AC Repair is an expert in providing all the AC repair options available with up-front pricing.

Quality AC Repair

You don’t just need an AC repair; you need it done right. It is very normal for use to clean up another AC companies work. If an AC company doesn’t emphasize training their technicians, you end up with poor solutions and workmanship. Atlas AC Repair prides itself in properly growing up our techs in the air conditioning industry, so you always get the best of the best.

Atlas AC Repair - AC Replacement Austin

When is the Right Time for an AC Replacement?

If an HVAC system is properly maintained, you should be able to get around 20 years of useful life out of it. If not properly maintained, that is a different story. If your air conditioner is under 10 years old and you had only a few minor AC repairs, this system should be good for a while longer. However, if your AC repairs are starting to get into the more expensive $1,000 range, you may want to start considering an AC replacement. Often, AC repairs only keep getting more and more expensive; that is why a new AC replacement might be a consideration. Atlas AC Repair is an AC replacement company that can take good care of you.

AC Replacement Options

There are two ways to look at AC replacements. The first is, what is a good inexpensive solution. The second way to look at it is, what is a more energy-efficient option. A 14 SEER option is going to your low-cost option while your 16 to 24 Seer is going to be your more efficient solution. The lower Seer options are good for people who don’t want to live in that house for more than 5 years or for rental properties. Your higher SEER options are an ideal long-term solution for home owners and homes with solar systems. Atlas AC Repair has online pricing for every SEER option.

AC Replacement Solution

If you need an AC replacement, there is not enough time to become an expert in air conditioning. You really need an AC company that wants you to get the best solution for you and your family. Whether that is budget-friendly or energy savings. Atlas AC Repair understands there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. We don’t have any salespeople working for us, so no pushy person is trying to sell you something you don’t need or want. If you’re in the market for a new AC replacement in Austin, give Atlas AC Repair a call.

Atlas AC Repair - AC Service Austin TX

5-Star AC Service Matters

There is a lot of moving parts that have to come together to deliver 5-star service. From highly trained air conditioning specialists to a streamlined supply change to deliver fast service. We believe that the most important factor is lessoning to the customer. We have found that most people understand the air conditioning problem they are experiencing with a certain outcome in mind. Whether that is a quick fix, long-term fix, or better understanding the AC repair or AC replacement options. We believe in lessoning to the customer and their needs. If you are looking for a good air conditioning company, give Atlas AC Repair a call.

Affordable Air Conditioner Service

One of the things that make us different from most AC companies is we keep things simple. We don’t do sales gimmicks, and we don’t have salespeople; we give you our best prices upfront. We even go as far as putting our prices online. If you are looking for an air conditioning company in Travis county, give Atlas AC Repair a call. When you work with Atlas AC Repair for an AC repair or AC replacement, you know you are getting a fair deal.

Atlas AC Repair services all air conditioning and heating brands

Not quite sure what AC Brand you have?

In the HVAC world that are many different brands available, ranging from Lennox to a Goodman in Austin. When you are having trouble with your air conditioner, you need an AC company in Travis County that can work on any air conditioning and heating brand. We fix all makes and models, from Trane to a Carrier in Travis county. No matter the air conditioning and heating brand you have, we can fix it.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Done Right!

Atlas AC Repair delivers quality AC repairs and AC replacements for homeowners and businesses in Austin, San Antonio, and the Hill Country.