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Atlas AC Repair is a Commercial HVAC company in Austin

Property and facility managers run into many challenges every day leaving them with little to no time at the end of the day.  Atlas AC Repair works with many commercial facility managers throughout Austin to services and maintains their Commercial HVAC systemWe make it easy to schedule, get accurate reports, and set budgets, giving you more time to work on the important things.

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Commercial HVAC Repair Austin

One of the most frustrating things a facility manager goes through in Austin is being strung along by an HVAC company. They recommend a repair, you send them the authorization, and all of the sudden there are more problems. Almost like they are milking the system, we all know they are. We believe it is more important to develop and maintain a long-term relationship rather than using our commercial customers as a quick money grab. Our techs are trained to get the full diagnosis, take pictures and video explanations, then turn in repair options, both short-term and long-term fixes. This helps any facility manager work with corporate to quickly and easily authorize the needed repair. If you’re looking for an Austin commercial HVAC repair company, you can count on us to do it right the first time.

Commercial HVAC Installation Austin

One of our number one goals at Atlas is to keep each HVAC system running as long as possible. But as we all know commercial HVAC systems don’t last forever and have to be replaced at some point. Atlas does commercial rooftop installations in Austin up to 25 tons. We also do commercial split systems for many facility managers in Austin. If you are gathering quotes for a new commercial RTU or split system, give us a call today for a fast quote.

Commercial HVAC PM Austin

A common issue that many facility managers deal with is actually getting PMs done correctly. Many HVAC companies in Austin don’t properly complete PM on purpose in order to expedite the process of getting a rooftop change out. We see this all the time when we take over PMs from another company, they haven’t changed the filters in a year, belts are loose, the system is dirty, and so on. Many HVAC companies are more interested in a quick payday vs keeping a long-term customer. We believe the most effective way of building a long-term business is by delivering hones reliable service at the best rates possible.

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We service all HVAC brands and install these leading brands

Commercial HVAC new Construction

We, not only service, maintain, and replace commercial HVAC, we also do new construction as well in Austin. We can handle steel ductwork along with rooftop HVAC systems up to 25 tons. We can handle the design work, work with the GC on schedule, work with the city on plans and permitting. We also work with all brands to ensure the owner gets the equipment they prefer. Install all brands from Trane to Carrier HVAC systems. If you are working on getting quotes from good HVAC companies, send Atlas a set of plans and we will get a quote turned around quickly.

HVAC technician working on air conditioning unit on commercial rooftop near solar panels

Why Choose Us

We believe in going above in beyond for all of our commercial facility managers. We understand that the best way to build a strong business is to create a strong repeat customer base. The only way to do this is by going above and beyond on all of our services. We take pictures, do detailed videos of any issues, turn in multiple solutions to the problem, and perform the best workmanship possible. We are not interested in making a quick dollar, we understand the long-term relationship is the best way to build a sustainable HVAC company in Austin. If you are looking for a commercial HVAC company, give us a call and we can take good care of you.