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Atlas AC repair is an AC Repair and Replacement company servicing Austin TX and the surrounding areas

Austin is a beautiful city with lots of art and culture that creates an amazing community of people.  The reason Austin is growing so fast is clear, from the delicious BBQ to the active parks to the fun nightscene.  Austin has a lot to offer and is one of the crown jewels in Texas.  Let’s face it, the summer temperatures in Austin can get a little ridiculous.  The extreme heat we experience asks puts a lot of demand on our air conditioners to keep us cool.  These crazy temperatures ask so much from our AC systems things just start to break.  A small inexpensive component can bring down our entire air conditioner.  When this happens, you need a reliable AC repair company that can fix the problem fast.  Atlas AC Repair is proud to service the Austin community.  If you are needing an AC repair in Austin, give us a call today!

AC repair Austin, Texas

Finding an AC Repair company in Austin can be challenging for several reasons:

There is a lot to consider when trying to find a reliable AC repair company in Austin. In many instances, you don’t have a lot of time to sort through all your options because your air conditioner is down and it is hot. Atlas AC Repair is a transparent AC company that explains exactly what is happening and all the potential solutions you have to get your AC back up and running. We believe that our customers should be able to make the most informed decision that is best for you and your family. Atlas AC Repair strives to deliver fast AC service and do an AC repair right the first time. If your home air conditioner isn’t working right in Austin and you need an AC repair, you can count on us!

We know a broken air conditioner can all too quickly become an emergency in Austin’s summer heat.

Call the Atlas team at (512) 265-1887 for fast and affordable AC repairs.

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Fast AC Repair

When your home AC system stops working in the middle of summer, you don't have days to get it fix, you need an AC repair now. Atlas AC Repair understands that no one can function in a home that is 95 degrees. Atlas AC Repair has a fleet of highly trained, certified technicians ready to take care of any residential AC repair you may have. Our home office is based in San Antonio but we have technicians that live and service only the Austin area for us. You can count on us to deliver a fast and perfectional AC repair for an air conditioner system in Austin.

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Honest AC Repair Price

The HVAC industry is a seasonal business. What these leads to is there is lots of work in the summer and no work in the winter. Many poorly manage AC companies in Austin will have to price gouge and up sell you thing you don't need to make up for winter. We do not do that, we are a well manage company that treats our customers and employees the same all year around. If you are needing an AC repair in Austin, give us a call!

Make an informed decision

We all have horror stories of our the HVAC industry takes advantage of people. Since air conditioning is a skilled trade that takes years of experience to properly diagnose and repair AC systems. What this means is you don't have years to learn about air conditioning to know the AC company is being honest, you have to take them at their word. Atlas AC Repair prides ourselves in being a transparent company that believes in helping every customer in Austin to make the most informed decision on any AC repair.

In some cases, the low-cost AC repair might only keep your air conditioner running well for another 6 months to a year before needing additional repairs but the long-term solution despite costing more initially will ensure that the system remains ready to take on the summer heat for many years to come.

Did you know?

The best way to keep your AC in top condition and to avoid the costs associated with faulty equipment is to schedule regular inspections and maintenance.  Your air conditioner equipment will perform at peak efficiency and last longer when a tune-up is performed twice a year and filters are changed regularly.  Air conditioner repair and upgrade decisions have a huge impact on your comfort and your budget.  Why risk costly cooling problems when regular maintenance will help your AC equipment last longer and run more efficiently?  Schedule peace of mind with an Atlas AC Tune-up.

Commercial AC Repair in Austin

Finding a reliable AC repair company in Austin that also service commercial HVAC systems up to 25 tons can be a headache. The average company does great service work on the first AC repair. The second time they start overcharging you for a basic AC repair. The third time their not really fixing it but they still bill you all the same. This is the nature of many commercial AC companies in Austin. By the time you find out your AC guy isn’t doing what he is telling you, a lot of times it is too late, the damage is already done. Atlas AC Repair is not that AC company. We believe in taking care of our facility managers by developing a long-term relationship instead of trying to make a quick dollar. This is why so many facility managers are move to Atlas AC Repair for all of their commercial air conditioner service work. If you need an AC repair or AC replacement for your commercial facility in Austin, give Atlas AC Repair a call!

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Best Practices to prevent unnecessary AC repairs

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There are a few DIY things you can do to prevent an unwanted AC repair and get more years out of your AC system.

  • One of the simplest things you can do is to change your filters on a routine basis. Most people don’t know that a dirty filter isn’t just a dirty filter, it is keeping your air conditioner from working right. This can put a bit of load on your AC system because it’s trying really hard to get the air needed to cool and heat your home. This can lead to an unnecessary AC repair or worse take many years out its expected service life. I would recommend changing your filter every other month and if you have pets 1 to 2 times a month. This will help to prevent an unwanted AC repair.
  • The next best way to prevent an AC repair is to keep your outdoor AC unit clean. The way an air conditioner works is like a big radiator. If the fines aren’t exposed to the outdoor air it can’t properly radiate the heat. Now the AC system has to work overtime to keep up. The longer run times can lead to parts and pieces breaking on your air conditioner leading to an AC repair. A simple way to fix this is by spraying down your outdoor AC unit with a water hose. It is also best to keep all vegetation cleared from your AC unit. The is a great way to prevent an AC repair.
  • Lastly, if your air conditioner is over 7 years old, I would recommend having your AC guy do a tune-up before the summer starts. There are hard to get components that can be cleaned and replaced before the summer heat hits. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If your AC system is younger than 7 years old and you have been properly changing the filter and keeping the AC unit clean you really don’t need to spend the extra money on have your AC guy look over your system every year. Overall doing an annual tune-up is going to help prevent an unwanted AC repair.

Atlas AC Repair is an all in one AC service company

AC Repair Austin

  • It is table stakes for an AC company to offer quick AC repairs in Austin. Where we strive to differ from other HVAC companies is we do not put any pressure on our customers. Most AC companies in Austin make their money through upselling. What this leads to is many technetium now have to look for something to sell you even if it’s a quick inexpensive fix. This business model has created a lot of distrust in the air conditioning industry. How we do things differently is we do not allow our tech to sell anything to our customer. A matter of fact, do don’t allow any form of selling in our company. We believe in educating our customers on the problem the is accruing, all the AC repair options, and let the customer decide what is best for them and their family. This allow our technicians to do to their job at the highest level of quality because it not about selling anything, its about helping our customers. We believe that having a strong reputation will payoff more in the end verses making a quick buck. If you ever need a good AC repair company in Austin, you can always count on us deliver the highest quality of workmanship without pressuring you into something you don’t want.

AC Replacement Austin

  • We are not only an AC repair company, we offer a huge range of air conditioning services along with AC replacements in Austin. Finding a company that is going to a quality AC replacement for a reasonable price can be a challenge. We offer the most competitive pricing in Austin for a new AC replacement without sacrificing quality. We are on average $2,000 cheaper that our closest HVAC competitor. The way we do this is by keeping everything simple and having a fine tuned system with no waist. We pass this savings to our customer to drive down the cost of an AC replacement.
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  • Another technique we use to keep our costs low is by leveraging our buying power. We primarily use Carrier as our flagship air conditioner manufacture. We do so much volume through Carrier we get the best pricing that we pass down to our customers. We are able to give you the best pricing for any Carrier AC replacement in Austin. We also do a lot of AC replacements with other brands but our pricing is not as competitive because we simply don’t have the buying power. If you have a certain brand in mind, like Trane or Lennox, we can definitely do any brand but it usually will cost about $1,000 more that our Carrier prices. If you are needing a new AC replacement in Austin, you can trust Atlas AC Repair to provide our best pricing up front.

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We service all air conditioner brands and install all the leading brands

The last thing anyone wants is to call up an AC repair company only to find out they don’t service the type of air conditioner you have. This can be pretty frustrating especially when they show up to look at your AC, realize they won’t be able to repair it, then charge you for coming to your home.  You do not have to put up with this. 

We value your time and believe in getting it right the first time. We repair all the major air conditioner brands in Austin, make us a true one-stop shop. We decided early on when building Atlas, to make sure we acquire and train all of our techs to work on every air conditioner brand. Whether you need an AC repair on a Carrier, Goodman, Trane, and so on, we got you covered. 

License and insured HVAC company

There are many AC companies that do not take being licensed and insured very seriously. There is a good reason HVAC is a licensed trade. There is a lot of electrical involved in diagnosing and repairing an air conditioner. If not handled correctly it could become a safety concern for the homeowner and their family. But the big reason is carbon monoxide poisoning that can be caused by a bad AC repair on a gas furnace. When it comes to gas furnaces there is not a lot of room for error, the repairs and making sure it is to city code is critical. There are some AC companies in Austin that try to take a shortcut by not going through the process of becoming licensed in Texas. This only ends up hurting the homeowner.

Atlas AC Repair is licensed for both residential and commercial AC repairs and replacements up to 25-ton air conditioning and heating systems. We also carrier millions of dollars in G&L insurance along with workers comp. You might think that this is overkill but in reality, it is the best way to protect you if something happens. We also do it to help cover our hide too. We work on hundreds of homes and businesses every week so we do our best to make sure everyone has low to no liability.

Why our customers love us

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If we boil down to why our customers like us so much, it really comes down to empathy. We understand that no one wants to put in a long hard day at work just to come home to find your air conditioner is not working. This is less than ideal because of the intents summers we experience in Austin. It is pretty much impossible to function in a home that is 90 degrees inside. The big problem is you don’t have time to weed through all the AC companies in Austin to find someone that is not going to jerk you around and pressure you into a sale. You need someone now that is honest and does not take advantage of the situation! It’s all too common to call out an AC company to your home just to have them try to complicate the problem to justify overcharge you. 

That’s where we come in. We believe in keeping things simple by simply doing our job. We go to great lengths to help inform you of the problem you are experiencing and the AC repair options available. This puts you in driver’s seat by helping you to make a completely informed decision without having an AC company take advantage of the situation. That’s right, we cut all the BS out of getting an AC repair. If you are looking for an AC repair company in Austin, give us a call!

What we have set out to fix

There is a problem with the air conditioning industry that many people don’t know that it even exists. The big issue is the fact that air conditioning is a seasonal business. What this means is there is a lot of work in the summer but very little work in the winter. This leads to staffing problems, price gouging, and poor marketing practices.

  • The reason there is such a big staffing problem is that there is too much work in the summer but no work in the winter. How is an AC company going to staff up in the summer and then pay their employees in the winter? The way a lot of AC companies fix this problem is by paying their technicians commissions instead of hourly or a salary. When there is a lot of work the techs get paid well and when there is no work nothing gets paid out to the techs. You can kinda see where this is going. Commissions work well for the employer because it drives sells but doesn’t work out that well for the homeowner. The reason this is bad for the homeowner is that it turns the tech into a salesman instead of an AC repair technician. The only way they make money is by turning big-ticket sales because they get paid little to nothing for a $200 AC repair. The only thing worth their time is to turn tickets in the $1000 range. You can clearly see the conflict of interest. What separates us we do not follow this business model. As a matter of fact, we do not have any salespeople and do not allow commissions in our company. We are structured to do the best job possible without taking advantage of the homeowner.
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  • Price gouging is a technique that many companies use to make up for the slow winters. For example, it is common for many to charge $500 for a simple capacitor replacement when in reality it should only cost $175. The reason so many AC companies participate in this practice is that it’s one of the easiest ways to cover for the winter. This business practice is not necessary, they are just being lazy. The way we solve this problem for our customers is by doing the hard administrative work. We spend a lot of time budgeting and planning for the winter so we don’t have to price gouge our customers along without laying off any of our employees. It’s a tough balancing act but it can be done and we are doing it.
  • This one might surprise you, the way many air conditioner companies spend their marking dollars is very inefficient driving up their prices. Most air conditioner companies look at the summer like a land grab and they don’t care how they generate traffic to their business. It is normal for most air conditioner businesses to spend 15% to 20% of all their revenue to attract customers. You can imagine what this does to pricing, especially if they payout commissions to techs and salesman. If an AC repair in Austin should only cost $550 and they spent 20% on marketing and 10% on commissions, they have to charge $715 for the same service as a company that does not spend their money like this. The way we solve this problem for our customers is a bit old fashion. We put our focus on delivering great service you can count on with fair pricing. We believe it is more important to build trust with our customers we become their go-to AC repair company. We pay a lot more attention to building a long-term business over making a quick dollar.

About us

Atlas Technician handling AC Repair in San Antonio

Atlas AC Repair what created to become a leading AC repair and replacement company in Austin and San Antonio.  We decided early on that there had to be a way to accomplish this without taking advantage of our customers and employees.  We wanted to build an air conditioning business that our technicians enjoy working for and our customers don’t feel like they are being taken advantage of.  With this in mind, in order to put this to practice is very difficult because there are no shortcuts.  We had to build a business model where not only we win but our employees and customers.  As you know, this is not an easy task but we have become one of the outliers that have been able to pull this off.  We are able to take great care of our customers by helping them to make the most informed decision possible with no pressure and with the best pricing.  While building a great work environment that our employees love.  We know that a happy technician leads to the best workmanship and service for our customers.

If you are looking for an AC repair and replacement company in Austin, give us a call or schedule online!