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Atlas AC Repair is a Carrier specialist in Austin.

Carrier Repair Austin

There is a lot of reasons why Carrier is one of the most trusted air conditioning and heating brand in the Austin. Carrier makes extremely reliable systems that can handle the extreme Austin summer heat. Though normal ware and tare parts and components on the Carrier will eventually fail. Even if it is a small inexpensive part, it can keep the entire system from working. When this happens, you need a Carrier specialist in Austin who can take care of the problem fast. Atlas AC Repair is a 5 star rated HVAC company in Austin that can take care of any issue you are experiencing with your Carrier air conditioner. Give us a call today for speedy service.

Carrier Replacement Austin

Carrier is a great air conditioner but, like all things, they don’t last forever. A Carrier typically lasts the average homeowner around 20 years before needing a new air conditioner. When it comes time for a new Carrier installation, Atlas AC Repair is a specialist in Carrier air conditioner and furnace changeouts. We pride ourselves on delivering the best equipment for the best price. We can even give you a quote over the phone, no salesperson needed. Give us a call today!

Carrier Furnace Replacement Austin

One of the best parts of living in Austin Texas is we have mild winters. For most of the winter, the weather is nice enough we can wear shorts outside. That being said, we don’t use our furnace that often during the winter. However, a warm home is nice to have when we need it. We run across scenarios where the Carrier outdoor AC unit is in good working condition but the furnace needs to be replaced. When this happens you don’t need a completely new system but just the furnace. If you’re needing a furnace replacement for your Carrier system we can help you with the. Give us a call for a free quote.

Carrier AC unit Replacement Austin

In Austin Texas, we use our air conditioner far more than we use our heaters. This can lead to our Carrier outdoor AC unit wearing out soon than the indoor furnace. When this happens it doesn’t make a lot of sense for a homeowner to pay for a complete system changeout. If you are only needing your Carrier outdoor AC unit replaced, give us a call for a free quote. We can even you the cost over the phone, no salesperson needed.

Carrier Maintenance Austin

Annual maintenance is one of the best practices for many homeowners in Austin. This helps to make sure your Carrier is in tip-top condition ready to handle the summer heat and chilly winter. This also helps to reduce the number of repairs and extend the useful life of your Carrier system. If you’re looking for a good air conditioning and heating company to maintain your Carrier, give Atlas AC Repair a call.

Carrier Air Conditioners Austin, Texas

Carrier is the best equipment for Austin

You searched for Carrier Austin which means you know quality air conditioning equipment and want the best equipment for your home and so do we.  For discriminating customers who insist on high quality. Carrier is the brand we recommend at Atlas based on their excellent warranties and pricing. 

Your search for Carrier Austin brought you to the right place.  Atlas AC Repair offers very competitive pricing and is the low-price leader for air conditioning and heating repairs along with complete system upgrades.

With a 105-year reputation, Carrier has emerged as one of the most long-lasting options in a sea of choices.  Their quality speaks for itself, enabling Atlas AC Repair to offer aggressive online pricing. We have reduced the need for a salesperson to sit in your home and explain who Carrier is and how great they are.  Because you searched for Carrier Austin which means you already know.

Carrier has also become one of the most energy-efficient air conditioner choices for your home.  Carrier presents a variety of options from 14 and 16-SEER systems to variable-speed smart systems with programmable thermostats that give you “over the top” control of the air temperature and humidity inside your home.

Why Choose Atlas AC Repair to take care of your Carrier

Atlas AC Repair does not follow the traditional HVAC company. The HVAC industry is a one-sided industry, what this means is the technician, the expert, has all the knowledge and you, the customer, have to take him at his word. The problem with this model is many Carrier HVAC companies require a weekly quota from their techs. You might be thinking, that sounds like a conflict of interest; that’s because it is.

The big thing that separates us from everyone else is we try to inform the customer as much as possible and let them make the right decision for them and their family. We focus on keeping it simple. Find the problem, show the homeowner what is going on, all options to fix it, and perform the best workmanship possible. Our technicians are not allowed to sell, a matter of fact we don’t even have salespeople/comfort advisors. We believe in taking care of a customer the best we can create a customer for life which is far more important to us than making a quick dollar. We also take care of Commercial HVAC Austin TX, if you are needing HVAC work done for your business, give us a call today.